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Factors That May Affect the Cost of Your Furniture Removal

Do you need to move large or heavy items of furniture between homes, offices and storage facilities? This kind of work is physically demanding and dangerous, so you should leave it to the professionals. Qualified furniture removalists can help save you time and effort, easing the stress out of your residential or commercial relocation.

But how much will you need to pay for their assistance? The cost of furniture removal varies depending on your particular situation and requirements. Highlighted below are some key factors that will influence your furniture removal cost.

The size and number of furniture items you have

How big or small are your furniture items? Although different types of furniture come in various standard sizes, some furniture pieces may be too big, too small or irregularly shaped. Generally speaking, oversized furniture items cost more to move than normal-sized ones due to the increased job complexity.

The more furniture pieces and items you have, the more space they will take up in the moving van or truck, increasing the total weight of your belongings. The heavier your truckload is, the higher your moving costs will be.

The distance of your move

Moving locally or to a different state or territory? The distance of your relocation is another factor that will influence the cost of your furniture removal. The longer the distance, the higher the price and vice versa. Moving across the country will cost you more than a local one.

If you are moving long distances, consider backloading. This option saves you money by allowing you to split costs with other people that use the same moving van or truck as you.

The ease or difficulty in picking up and dropping off your furniture pieces

When estimating the cost of your furniture removal, companies consider how difficult or easy it will be to remove furniture items from your current home and into the new one. Narrow doors and hallways, stairs and long walking distances to where the moving truck is parked are some factors that can cause costs to add up quickly.

Furniture removal companies consider many factors when preparing quotes for their clients. These companies are not created equal, so the specific cost items that they include in the quotes sent out to clients may vary. 

Get in touch with the furniture removalists at a moving company near you to discuss your job and get a furniture removal cost estimate.