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Considerations When Choosing A Storage Unit

Finding a storage unit in Australia is easy since many companies offer storage solutions in the country. However, you will need to make some careful considerations if you want a storage unit that suits your needs. The article below gives a few pointers to help you choose a suitable storage unit. 


If you need access to an item that is stored in the unit at night, how easy would it be to retrieve it? Accessibility is a critical factor when choosing a storage unit. Typically, you have to ensure that the facility is strategically located close to your premises. Additionally, it should be easy to get to. For example, a facility could be close to your business premises, but you have to drive through a two-hour traffic jam to access it. Management policies such as 24/7 operations will also increase the accessibility of the unit. 


How easy is it to use the facility? For example, if you have bulky furniture that you want to store in the unit, does it fit through the doors? Additionally, check whether the storage unit is spacious enough for your items. Do not fall into the trap of going for a smaller unit just to save money. A small unit might not offer you enough space to store everything properly, so you may have difficulties accessing items in the back rows. Features such as ample lighting, shelves and a working table could also improve the unit's functionality. 


Are your items safe when they are inside the facility? For example, if you want to store a valuable painting or a crate of expensive liquor, are you confident that these items will be safe in the unit? Consider facilities that are secured with a perimeter fence, armed guards and security features such as CCTV and alarm systems. The locking mechanism of your unit must be fully functional. Some companies will also install a restricted access system and alarm at your request. 

Insurance And Company Guarantees

What would happen if the facility got flooded or engulfed in a fire? Check the company's liability policy to establish if they have adequate insurance to cover your items against theft, flooding, and fires. In most cases, the storage company will not offer compensation if items at the unit suffered damages due to poor storage or negligence. However, you could get insurance to ensure the items are secured against all these risks. 

When looking for a storage unit, examine its accessibility, functionality, security and insurance coverage. Remember to work with reputable storage companies with reasonable pricing and complimentary services.