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Constructive Pointers for Making the Most of Long Term Self-Storage

Self-storage units offer individuals a great deal of convenience. Whether you have downsized and want to keep your valuables safe until you relocate to a bigger home or you have moved overseas and do not want to get rid of your belongings, you are bound to find a self-storage unit that not only accommodates all your items but also meets your security needs. But simply because you have leased a unit does not mean you should cram all your items into it and lock it up. If you do not know how to maximise on the space available, you end up requiring multiple units and this will prove to be an extravagant cost. Not to mention the threat of damage to your items. A better approach is to have a plan on how you can make use of this space. To help you with that, this article highlights a few constructive pointers for making the most of long term self-storage.

Place an impermeable barrier on the flooring

Most self-storage units will have a concrete floor, which is typically safe enough to keep your valuables intact for the time that they will be stored away. Even so, it does not hurt to add an extra layer of protection for your goods. Accidents such as moisture seeping into the self-storage unit or dampness creeping up the floor are eventualities that one cannot foresee. Therefore, if you want to have peace of mind that the items placed at the bottom of the unit will not be at risk of undue water damage, you should consider investing in a plastic tarp that you will lay on the floor before you place your belongings in the self-storage unit.

Compile an itemized inventory

Unless you have a photographic memory, it is unlikely that you will remember each item that you have put into the self-storage. Moreover, if you are using this unit for long-term storage, there is a higher chance of some belongings slipping your mind the longer that they stay out of sight. Hence, to make sure that you can always double-check your belongings, it is important to compile an itemized inventory of everything that you are storing away. In addition to this, you should also mark every box clearly, preferably with a list of what it contains since this will make it easy for you to track down valuables if you want to take an item out of storage for one reason or another.

For more information, contact a self-storage facility in your area.