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How to Prevent Damp in Your Self-Storage Unit

Using a self-storage unit comes with lots of advantages. In addition to freeing up more space in your home, you can de-clutter, prepare for moving house or use your space to store stock for your business. Most units are equipped with everything you need to keep your items dry. However, there are some steps you can take to protect your items while they are in storage.

Choose a Unit That Benefits From Ventilation

Choosing a well-built unit that benefits from ventilation and climate control is an excellent place to start. Before signing a contract, make sure you ask for a tour of the facility. If there isn't any visible signs of ventilation, consider going elsewhere.

Leave Space Between Items

One of the simplest ways to keep your unit dry is to leave plenty of space between items. Packing items too close together doesn't allow the air to circulate. As a result, when moisture enters the area, any of the ventilation systems your facility provides will struggle to work.

If you're running out of space, consider taking a smarter approach to storage. For example, you can add shelving or bookshelves so that you can use the vertical space available as well as the area on the floor.

Use Silica Gel Sachets

Silica gel contains millions of pores that can absorb and hold moisture. When you leave packets of silica gel in an area that you want to keep dry, they'll hold the moisture and keep it from causing mould.

You can use silica gel strategically. Try placing a couple of sachets in each box you place into storage. Depending where your unit is, you may need to replace the sachets every two to three months. Another trick involves using charcoal briquettes, which you can place around the room to absorb the moisture in the air.

Visit Your Unit

Although you won't want to spend too much time hanging out in your unit, it's always good to give it an airing. Even sheds that feature ventilation and climate control are still susceptible to damp. By introducing air to them, you make mould less likely.

Visiting your unit also gives you a chance to spot problems such as mould and spillages. By tackling them on the spot, you can stop damp from growing out of control.

By choosing a unit that's well-ventilated and making a little effort, you can prevent damp from settling into your storage. As a result, your goods will stay dry and you can rest assured they'll remain safe.