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4 Ways of Protecting Your Shipping Container

If you have recently invested in a shipping container which you plan to use to store items of value, you will want to make sure that it is as secure as it can be. Read on to find out about four steps you can take to keep your container secure.

Protect your padlocks

The first stage of securing a container is to apply padlocks to the doors. Unfortunately, if you rely on this method as your sole line of defence, you could be placing the items in storage at risk. It is relatively easy for someone to cut through a padlock using a circular saw. You can protect your padlocks from this risk by installing a lockbox. A lockbox is a steel box which surrounds the padlocks. One side of the box is open which allows you to fit your hand inside to insert the key. However, the box is small enough to make tampering with or cutting the padlock extremely difficult, if not almost impossible.

Install an alarm system

Alarm systems are a great way of protecting your container. There are a number of systems which range from simple audio alarms, which can often be enough to make a thief flee the scene, to more advanced motion detectors and CCTV. It is also possible to purchase alarm systems which will notify you by SMS when the alarm is triggered so you can head down to the site to check that everything is OK or call the police.

Use internal bolts

Most shipping containers have doors at either end. If you only focus on the doors you will be using to enter and exit, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable. Installing internal bolts within the container is a great way of boosting the level of security. Internal bolts which are positioned so they lock the doors in place can only be operated by someone who is inside the container. By locking the internal bolts at the end of the container which is not used as an entrance or exit, you can ensure that no one can gain entry through that set of doors.

Use chains

Finally, there is always the risk that someone will simply load your shipping container onto the back of a truck so they can dismantle the locks and alarm systems at another location. The best way to avoid this is to use steel chains to secure the container to the ground. You simply need to create concrete foundations around the container with a U bar of steel inserted into them. Once you have passed the chain through the U bar, you can secure it to your container.

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