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Industrial Cold Room: Understanding the Storage Space Building Options

If you are interested in installing a cold storage room on your industrial premises, you should explore the market and find the most suitable structure for your needs. In general, your choice of structure will determine the strength and durability of the room. Also, you might need to think about the portability of the structure in case of a relocation of your operations. Here are the primary cold room design options to evaluate before installing a structure on your property.

Modular Cool Rooms

Modular cold rooms are ideal for your industrial uses if you are looking for a convenient and flexible solution. This type of storage unit is manufactured in a factory setting, and the room will be delivered in the form of prefabricated kits. In general, the kit will have modular components such as prefabricated panels, ceilings, doors, cabinets, floors and other accessories. The packed units will be assembled on site to create a room, and the refrigeration or cooling equipment will be adapted to the modules. The primary advantage of choosing a modular cold room is the portability. If you decide to relocate to another industrial space, you can simply dismantle the room into the portable modules and reassemble on your new site.

Traditional Cool Room

If you have a permanent industrial space and do not plan on relocating in the foreseeable future, you can install a permanent cold room. In simple terms, you can construct a building from scratch to use as your storage room. If you choose this type of storage room, you can build an efficient space by incorporating insulation in the walls for minimal heat transfer. Also, you can incorporate the refrigeration components in the building, ensuring their protection and stability. However, you should note that you will require a vapour barrier to prevent the infiltration of moisture into the built walls. The primary drawback of choosing this type of room is the high cost of construction.

Permanent Prefabricated Room

If you are interested in a permanent storage room but would like to avoid the high costs, you should think about combining the benefits of a modular cold room and the traditional alternative. Simply speaking, you should build a prefabricated, non-detachable room. This type of cold room has at least one wall made from prefabricated panels. Often, the design combines permanent walls and the prefabricated ones. The prefabricated panels are installed permanently; they are not detachable. This construction option increases the stability of the cold room structure and prevents unexpected structural failure.